Selected Accomplishments



Universal Studios Orlando 

  • Perform study of Enterprise Data Warehouse readiness
  • Develop overall data strategy and plan to achieve the CIO’s goals
  • Support Universal in the sales effort to engage business as the true owners of the data
  • Work with Universal IT team on the first couple of projects to ensure philosophy, processes, standards and governance are in place
  • Ensure the Universal IT team has the knowledge and tools to accomplish their goals thorugh knowledge transfer and training
  • Establish a path for the Universal IT team to continually succeed in the ongoing efforts of building an Enterprise Data Warehouse



Skybus Airlines

  • Complete Design and Implementation of Data Warehouse in just one year
  • Development around a paperless environment in all levels of the organization: executive reports, operations information, marketing functionality, customer relations
  • Revenue Management System
  • Onboard and Ancillary Sales information; integration with applications and information from partners
  • BestFareCache tool to provide instant access to best fares thru the website
  • Cooperate with Skybus IT team for them to continue receiving the benefits of an Enterprise Data Warehouse



Walt Disney Theme Parks and Resorts

  • Designed and Implemented the vision and strategy for Enterprise Data Management, Business Intelligence, and Software Development
  • Developed and won adoption of new Data Warehousing Standards across the entire Walt Disney Company
  • Implemented a Real Time Enterprise Data Warehouse on time and on budget
  • Centralized all Guest information and built services to be used by all interfacing applications
  • Created an environment and culture around the concept of data quality
  • Directed the activity of 85 IT professionals and managed an annual budget of over 20 Million USD.


Continental Airlines

  • Architected and implemented the first true Real Time Enterprise Data Warehouse in the airline industry.
  • Consolidated over 70 databases into a single 3rd normal form model
  • Designed, built, and maintained companion operational data stores and data mart systems
  • Delivered business units a single view of the customer across the enterprise
  • Designed and built a real-time reservations and airline operations servers
  • Created and managed a team of 22 FTE IT professionals
  • Developed a culture built on quality and innovation


System One Corporation

  • Development of New Business Systems — design and implementation
  • End to End Travel Management Systems
  • New Travel Data Management Systems
  • Distributed Service Bureau Systems
  • Chief Architect Responsibilities
  • US Patent : "Pre and Post-ticketed Travel Reservation Information Management System", # 6,023,679 (1996) with Christopher Frawley