Skybus Airlines



Skybus Airlines is a privately held airline based in Columbus, Ohio, USA.


Skybus, an ultra-low-cost carrier modeled after the European airline Ryanair and the early years of Southwest Airlines, aims to be the least expensive airline in the United States. The business model is heavily reliant on opening new markets as Ryanair has done in Europe this keeping competition to a minimum. The business model also includes advertising on the interior and exterior of its aircraft as well as selling merchandise onboard to increase revenue.


One of the key factors to support this business model is technology, to give immediate information for both customers and decision takers. Skybus keeps its low-cost structure by eliminating call centers, and providing customers all the required tools to get the best fares, and decide how and what to spend on their travel. At the same time, information has to be available as soon as possible to the inside of the company, creating a paperless environment that will speed up all processes and decisions.


The DW approach is based on this same philosophy, and was designed to provide priceless and critical information to all levels of the organization: executives, marketing, operations, finance, revenue and customers. The following table summarizes how the BI/DW initiative covers these areas:






Prices should be available to customers immediately; Skybus offers real low fares, and customers know they can get them. From a computer perspective, airfare pricing is very costly; nobody would want to run it from the operating system.

BestFareCache is a solution based on a combination of available information in the database and heuristics, to provide instant access to lowest fares for 30 consecutive days. This information is displayed in the website, and the customer decides which fare works best for his travel.


eMails notification


DW provides information to generate automatic emails to customers, regarding itineraries, confirmation, flight cancellations, schedule changes.


Automated reports sent daily to executives, providing updated and summarized data related to aircraft utilization, flights performance, sales, fuel prices, bookings, etc.


Information related to flight operation is updated daily, to provide valuable data about delays, aircraft performance by market and station, passenger counts, etc.


Subscriber lists


Customers may request information from Skybus, and provide personal data to be contacted about new markets or special offers. The DW handles this lists and provides information for marketing purposes


Reports required on marketing, related to bookings, load factors, competitive pricing vs. other airlines.

Ancillary Sales

Onboard Sales


As part of its cost structure, Skybus sells a lot of items during its flights. Onboard sales is a great source of revenue for the company, and information is needed in order to provide an excellent service to customer, determining which products should be available, which routes require specific items, and generating post sales information to encourage flight attendants to increase their earnings.


Also, the company depends on other sources of revenue, with relations to insurance companies, car rentals, hotels, vacation packages, etc. that are handled inside the DW and controlled through several load processes and reports.

Revenue Management

Increasing revenue is a primary challenge for all airlines; for Skybus, based on low fares, it’s critical. Needless to say that increasing fuel prices has pushed this area to be more precise on their decisions. Sales are tracked when they happen, and DW provides quality data to support these decisions.